System Overload

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The September Summer

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I love writing dialogue. I hate writing action sequences. This explains why I talk so much while doing so little.

I know the title typically goes to a woman, but let’s all forget that sexist rule and admit that Chris Pratt is America’s Sweetheart.
Every day this week a single fly has invaded my house. Every day I have stalked, swatted, and ended its tyranny. And every day, a new one has risen in its place. This is my own personal war on terror.

The Homosexual Agenda

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Today I tried to understand quantum physics and multiverse theory. Apparently, in an alternate universe, I actually succeeded.

"Deja-view" is a real condition, and it affects millions of people every year while witnessing repeat winners at The Emmys. Do not be alarmed. The sensation will pass. Just focus on Sherlock and Fargo!

Being a grown up means making the really tough life decisions. Like choosing just one Muppet-related T-shirt to take with me on a trip.

A Screen Between

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